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North Adelaide Golf Course


North Adelaide Golf Course


North Adelaide Golf Course


West Beach Parks


North Adelaide Golf Course

Coaching venues

North Adelaide Golf Course

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

West Beach Parks


"Working with each individual"

Jamie’s coaching philosophy is “working with each individual” – to best understand where you are in your golfing journey.

This includes during both individual sessions and group session environments, and includes your skill level, your physical capabilities, your golfing goals, and your time for practice, play, and applying skills.

This is then matched with appropriate coaching instruction, drills, exercises, and practice loads.

Programs can be setup with the following options

The use of CoachNow is included in the majority of sessions and is an invaluable tool to get the most out of your coaching and practice time.

5 session packs are available to purchase for both half-hour and one-hour sessions.

Individual Sessions

One-on-one coaching tailored for the individuals

Group Sessions

Group coaching for two, three or four people

Tailored Sessions

Technical and on-course coaching or club fitting



CoachNow is a fantastic online tool to connect coach to student and provide the ability for all students to stay in touch with the latest information relevant to their development.
JC Golf’s use of CoachNow includes the establishment of a direct personal portal, session and program information, online coaching, and golf coaching modules.

Direct personal portal

A “Space” is set up between myself and all of my clients to communicate our session information and coaching tips, this provides the student with the ability to reference videos or notes during practice sessions.

This “Space is used” is mainly used for individual sessions or online coaching.

Clinic and program information

All group sessions I run I have setup golf tips relevant to the areas of the game we have worked on through out the entire coaching program.

Golfers will be invited into the CoachNow program and then invited into the appropriate group where they will find tips and information to help their game.

Online coaching

CoachNow is a great tool for use online!

I have many clients in the country, or who are busy with work, who send through videos for me to assess and reply with swing tips and training drills to assist with their technique development.

Call Jamie today to discuss this option and setup your online coaching Space on the CoachNow program.

Golf coaching modules

Set modules in specialty areas can be purchased by golfers.

These modules are 4-5 videos in a series and work on different areas of the game, including:

  • Putting Fundamentals (Coming Soon)
  • Chipping Fundamentals (Coming Soon)
  • Swing Fundamentals (Coming Soon)
  • The Bunker shot Fundamentals (Coming Soon)

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